Baseball Cap Storage

Baseball Cap Storage Ideas

If you’re like most guys, you probably have a couple of baseball caps that you wear on a regular basis. But what about all those other caps that are just taking up space in your closet?

If you don’t have a good storage solution for them, it’s time to get creative and come up with a system that will keep your caps organized and looking their best. Read on for some great baseball cap storage ideas.

We’ve tried to come up with a variety of solutions for you.  Whether you’re a full-blown collector or just have a few hats to store, hopefully we can help.

First up is a simple and effective solution that doesn’t take up a lot of room and will keep your hats neatly stacked.

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Another popular storage solution is using the back of a door to store all your ball caps.  Check out these ingenious ways to save some space.

Of course there are always some options for utilizing an existing closet in an organized fashion. Hang ’em or store them.

Then there are the wall mount ball cap type organizers that you can you use in applications geared more toward displays or more traditional hat hanging.

These are just some of the best selling and popular baseball cap organizers, but there are plenty more to choose from if you want to find the perfect match for your space.  The link below will show you the top 100 best selling hat racks on Amazon.

Note: As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

How to Properly Clean Your Ball Caps

A man’s ball cap is like his crown. It’s a symbol of his Swagger. It’s a part of his every day look. But, like anything else in life, it needs to be properly cared for or it will lose its luster. Here are some tips on the best way to clean your ball cap.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of how to clean your ball cap, you need to gather the proper materials. For this job, you’ll need:

  • a sink
  • a few inches of warm water
  • mild liquid laundry detergent
  • a soft-bristled brush (toothbrush size)
  • a towel
  • a clothesline or drying rack


Step One: Fill the Sink

Start by filling the sink with a few inches of warm water. Add a drop or two of mild liquid laundry detergent to the water and stir gently to create suds.   Place your ball cap in the soapy water and let it soak for a few minutes. While your ball cap is soaking, use the soft bristled brush to lightly scrub away any dirt or grime on the bill of the cap. Be careful not to scrub too hard as you don’t want to damage the fabric.

Step Two: Rinse and Repeat

Once you’ve given your ball cap a good scrubbing, rinse it thoroughly under cool running water. You may need to rinse it a couple of times to make sure all the soap is out. Once you’re satisfied that it’s rinsed clean, repeat steps one and two until your ball cap is looking like new again.

Step Three: Let it Dry

After you’ve given your ball cap a good cleaning, it’s time to let it air dry. The best way to do this is to place it on a towel and let it sit out until it’s dry to the touch. You can also hang it on a clothesline or drying rack if you have one handy. Just make sure not to put it in direct sunlight as this can fade the fabric over time. And there you have it! A clean ball cap that will have you looking sharp in no time.

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