Do It Yourself Articles

Tool Wall
Shadow Foam
Need to get organized? Here's a great way to organize tools, gear, etc. and even create a display wall.
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Workshop in a Cart
DIY Workshop in a Cart
Check out this multi-purpose workshop in a cart project. Free plan to build one for yourself.
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Jack Daniels Soap Dispenser
Jack Soap Dispenser
Want a unique soap dispenser for the Man Cave Bathroom? Why not your favorite liquor bottle.
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Home Brewing
Home Brew Beer Kits
Want to brew your own beer but don't where to start? You know it's easier than you might think.
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Log Cabin Room
Log Cabin Paneling
Want a log cabin but can't afford it? Well, there is a way to at least make your Man Cave look like one.
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Ancient Castle Mural
Castle Wall Mural
Wall murals are a great way to cover walls and they're even better at making your space look bigger.
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Build Your Own Bar
Build Your Own Bar
If you're handy with tools and have the time, you might want to think about building your own bar.
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Fridge Wrap Main
Refrigerator Wraps
Why settle for a plain white fridge when you can wrap it with printed vinyl and totally transform it?
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Do Your Gin
Make Your Own Gin
It's cold gin time again and this time it can be your very own blend. That's right, make your very own gin.
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Wood Crossbox Kit
Wood Crossbow DIY Kit
A real working crossbow kit that you get to build yourself. Great project for the man and little man.
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