Indian Motorcycles Sign

Find Real Vintage Signs

If you’ve got the cash and your looking for real vintage antique signs, you’ll have to check out some antique stores or auctions if you need to see them in person.

Online, we would recommend doing some searching on eBay.  They are probably the best platform for finding collectibles like the Indian Motorcycles sign pictured.

Replica Vintage Signs

Technology today has made it pretty tough to tell the antique signs from the replicas, including that all important aged look so many of us like, but can’t afford.

However, as previously mentioned, technology has come to the rescue and you can get an old sign that looks brand new or you can get a sign that looks old and weathered. Below is a good example on what’s available these days.

Texaco Sign New
Texaco Sign Aged

So, whether you prefer a brand new looking sign or a weathered and aged look, you can get an old vintage sign for a reasonable price thanks to modern day printing.

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